Optional. If set filters out all the nsfw images.


This is just to support legacy programms. Dont use this.


Returns all data to a random image from that tag in JSON.

get the image data

returns if the tag is specified, the data of a random image with this tag, if the image is specified the image data from this image. The Format is JSON.


Specifies the image with the image id.


Specifies the tag. Rather fetch the tag id bevorehand and use it instead of the tag name, because of performance.


Specifies the tag. Less performant than using tag_id.


gets all image data


gets all image data exept the tags


get all image tags



You cannot download all images of a tag. Returns all data of a tag in the JSON format.


Specifies the tag name.


Specifies the tag id.


Fetches a list of all tags with id.


fetches without frequency