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Hellow Neko

Ok, so I started this project because I just wanted more wholesome pictures of anime catgirls. That was in 2020 and I was in Lockdown (and bored) anyways, so I decided to make a bot and get a lot of pictures using web-scraping. That worked, but I thought „Well, I need a program I can view all this data in, otherwise it would be kind of pointless, wouldn´t it?“ Following this thought I scripted a little application using python, that can show me the pictures. But when my friends actually liked what I did there, they just didn't want to download a program all the time, I thought „Why not make a website that does the exact same stuff?“ Soooo but yea, it was like... an awful website. It´s not good, but take a look if you want. A couple months nothing happened, until a course from KIT brought me into web development. After I took the course I made this improved website and an rest api. I also added in general a tag system to my "database" containing 2k pictures, and I plan on moving the "database" from the .json file to a proper sql database.

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Dies sind meine Versuche für Portfoliowebsiten. Ich bin mit keiner wirklich zufrieden außer mit dieser. Diese hat sogar ein backend, in dem ich auf einer separaten Website einfach Projekte hinzufügen kann.

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another Project

this is another project

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