These are my projects. Those are presumably far from perfect. I'm sorry. but I hope you still like them.

Hellow Neko

Well ok. I decided to put this project here at the top, even though it is again down below anyways. That project is important to me, because it’s my first big project. Also, I still improve upon and maintain it to this day.
And btw - if you decide to look at this project, excuse the hentai you might encounter.

Ok, so I started this project because I just wanted more wholesome pictures of anime catgirls. That was in 2020 and I was in Lockdown (and bored) anyways, so I decided to make a bot and get a lot of pictures using web-scraping. That worked, but I thought „Well, I need a program I can view all this data in, otherwise it would be kind of pointless, wouldn´t it?“ Following this thought I scripted a little application using python, that can show me the pictures.
But when my friends actually liked what I did there, they just didn't want to download a program all the time, I thought „Why not make a website that does the exact same stuff?“ Soooo but yea, it was like... an awful website. It´s not good, but take a look if you want.

A couple months nothing happened, until a course from KIT brought me into web development. After I took the course I made this improved website and this rest api.
I also added in general a tag system to my "database" containing 2k pictures, and I plan on moving the "database" from the .json file to a proper sql database.
(the picture in this box is a random picture with the tag cute using my api)

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